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  • Our fees are on a monthly retainer – you decide for how long – we do not tie you into long contracts.

  • We are not a call centre – we provide you with a dedicated consultant who gets to know your business

  • Just practical advice when you need it most!

Honest Employment Law Practice or HELP, as we are commonly known, has been providing outsourced HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety advice to clients across the UK for over 15 years. From support for existing HR and Health & Safety teams within larger organisations to being the outsourced HR department and Health & Safety consultant for smaller businesses. We are flexible and can tailor a specific solution to your needs.

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We can HELP you with...

  • Contracts of employment: are yours up-to-date and fit for purpose? If so have they been issued to ALL staff?
  • Tribunal: are you concerned about a pending or existing case?
  • Staff Issues: poor performance, bad attitude to work, long term sickness, absenteeism, acts of gross misconduct – ring any bells?
  • Managers: are they confident to hold a disciplinary or grievance hearing and manage difficult day to day issues?
  • Health & Safety: are you confident that your Risk Assessments and policies are up to date and reflect your risks adequately?
  • Accidents: have you done everything to protect your employees from accidents and your business from prosecution?
  • Training: are your staff competent in both areas of Employment Law and Health & Safety or could you do with some additional HELP?

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To say we have found the services and support provided by H.E.L.P invaluable over the last two years is an understatement. The team at H.E.L.P are that good that it has felt at times like they are actually part of our own company!! We have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending H.E.L.P to any small business that is thinking of outsourcing their human resources requirement s, it was certainly the best business decision we ever made and we would have been lost without them these past two years. To quote a well known advertising campaign “H.E.L.P does exactly what is says on the tin!!” and they provide excellent value for money too!!. Our small business was in a position two years ago where we wanted to expand our staffing levels from 2 to 5 and we felt we needed expert advice on employee matters. H.E.L.P produced our employee handbook incorporating all the things we wanted to include specific to our company but also ensuring we were compliant with the latest legal requirements. The same occurred regarding our employee contracts and since then we have been kept regularly informed of all the latest news regarding employment law via the monthly bulletins and though our individual client page. Most recently however we have needed H.E.L.P’s support through a rather turbulent period for our company. This was a most stressful time but H.E.L.P were able to support us at every step and gave us the confidence to make difficult business decisions. H.E.L.P are always there at the end of the telephone when you need quick and informative advice and always respond quickly and efficiently to email requests. So if you are reading this and thinking of enlisting H.E.L.P’s help then stop thinking about it and sign up – you’ll be glad you did!!!

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