Working as an extension of your own team, our friendly and professional named consultants allocated to you from day one, get to know you and your business needs. On this basis we ensure that you are never “put on hold” awaiting a faceless voice to assist, with what could be a critical decision for your business. Our advice is not wishy-wash or patronising just straight forward and friendly – we understand that, at times, our clients want to achieve a result at any cost and need to understand the financial risks and potential pitfalls of their actions.

Moreover, our services are offered on YOUR terms. HELP will not tie you into long-term contracts that cannot be broken. Our work for you is on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning you are free to cancel our fees at any point should you wish, although given the quality and depth of service provided, you will be another one of our satisfied customers. Most of our new business is by way of referral – which, we believe, speaks volumes.

Dedicated HR, employment law and health & safety specialists on a one-to-one basis

No long term fixed contracts or early termination/penalty clauses

THE most cost effective option on your terms.

We needed help coping with the volume of HR queries coming in but didn’t feel we could justify employing someone, HELP were able to offer us a solution to this. Emma came to our offices once a fortnight initially but we soon increased this to once a week when we saw the benefit of having someone on site to help us deal with the issues our managers were facing. Whilst on site Emma was able to deal with all employee relations issues as well as give training and coaching to the management team and provide regular feedback to the board of Directors. This service is invaluable to us!

Gary Quirke – Contract Fire Security (CFS)

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