Employment law updates- are you keeping up?

Provisional changes to third party harrassment in the Equality Act

According to ACAS the circumstances where an employer knows that an indivisual has been subjected to such harrassment on at least two occasions will be repealed. Although, it continues, employers may still be liable where the employee is harrassed by an individual outside of the workforce.

Changes to the National Minimum Wage

Employers should keep their eyes out for the October updates to the National Minimum Wage. These are as follows:

  • £6.31 for persons at the age of 21 and over
  • £5.03 for those between the ages (and including) 18-20
  • £3.72 for young persons below the age of 18
  • £2.68 for apprentices.

Transfer of undertaking protection of employment (TUPE)

Changes that affect the status or the service provision include whether or not an employee’s liability information should be provided at an earlier date to the transferee, and whether an amendment to TUPE could ensure that a change to the location of the place of work would not necessarily lead to unfair dismissal. This change is expected to take place either in October or November of this year.

Tribunal changes

As of April 2014 claimants must notfiy ACAS before they formally lodge their case in circumstances where concillation would be offered. If concilliation is unsuccessful within the prescribed period the claimant can continue to lodge a tribunal claim.

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